ANE Associazione Nazionale Elicicoltori (National Heliciculturists' Association)

ANE Associazione Nazionale Elicicoltori (National Heliciculturists' Association) gathers all the Heliciculturists on national soil who use the complete natural cycle breeding system "Chiocciola Metodo Cherasco" promoted and spread by the International Institute of Heliciculture.

Being part of the Association

Each ANE member can exercise the right to vote at the meeting and enjoy multi-channel technical assistance.
The annual fee amounts to € 120 and opens to some basic services that we list below.

Production recall

Being Associated with ANE guarantees the heliciculturist who follows the Cherasco Method the Production Recall. The recall price is set every year during the National Assembly of Associates held in Cherasco.
– For the year 2020, the recall prices are the following:
Snails €. 5, 50 per kg
Slime €. 22 per kg


The Chiocciola Metodo Cherasco trademark guarantees that farms that follow the Complete Natural Cycle Method promoted by the International Institute of Heliciculture produce the meat and the slime in Italy. This is a guarantee of high quality and production control, which is obtained thanks to Certified Reproducers, Selected Seeds and tested Helitex Network.


The affiliation to ANE includes an Insurance Policy against Accidents issued and managed by the company GENERALI Italia S.p.A. This insurance policy is a basic service offered as part of a greater relationship with the company Generali that is the possibility of enter into an insurance against natural disasters specifically for heliciculture


To be part of ANE also means to be part of a network of snail farmers who share a common breeding project. This is why we invite all members to keep us updated by sending us photographic material in order to share their experiences through the social and media channels of the Institute. We believe in the strength of communication and the importance of synergy and we act as a sounding board for all of you.