The Golden Spiral symbol of the helicoidal economy: the circular economy in Cherasco becomes helicoidal.


The Cherasco Snail Method is the new symbol of quality, professionalism and Italian business culture in the world, it doesn’t pollute, is rich in proteins and represents a new concept of helical economy because it doesn’t produce waste, everything is reused in a eco-friendly way.


If with the circular economy model, the line closes in a circle and the problem becomes a resource, with the helicoidal economy, the natural logarithmic evolution settles on its own shape to channel resources and amplify them as in a sounding board. Each action – in some cases non-action – corresponds to one or more reactions, such as the movement that is transmitted in concentric circles when a stone is thrown into the water. Before throwing, you must concentrate the energy and attention to throw with care and precision.


Spiralizing means summarise the values and amplify them in a continuous movement.
The golden section is a symbol of harmony, the spiral is the symbol of the wisdom of the snail that does not continue to grow infinitely, it would be unbearable, but it stops and treasures its own resources. In Cherasco, the economy is spiralized: the farms create around themselves autochthonous micro-systems of culture, diffusion of values, education and sales force creating a rich and solid local network.


The heliciculture Cherasco Method 2.0, paradigm of sustainable economy, is a replicable model in the food farming sector and other fields and supports the possibility to involve in a dynamic way the territory, other countries and other cultures through a systemic and integrated approach.
For this reason, we are “spiralizing” into the creation of a sustainable international event dedicated to the circular economy: Helix2020.



We started from a concrete and repeatable model such as the Cherasco Method 2.0 Heliciculture, a model of sustainable economy that supports the possibility to involve in a dynamic and exponential way the food farming sector and other sectors, the territory and other countries.



To treasure your own land and culture by involving other cultures, all through a systemic, integrated, sustainable approach.
We have verified that there are many successful activities and exemplary companies, that work based on the circular economy model and they feel the need to improve and grow – spiralizing, we say – through a “helicoidal” economy or philosophy.



Raw material, high technology, agriculture, cosmetics, cookery and economy.
Here is the extended chain of the Chiocciola Metodo Cherasco, a winning economic system that is expanding more and more all over the world.
Great source of profit, it respects values such as the environment and the person and is a true example of a circular, or rather helical, economy: a complete system, without any waste where everything is transformed and nothing is thrown away.
A place where Cultivation deeply communicates with the concept of Culture.



Professor Franco Fassio, Eco Design and Systemic Design Researcher, Scientific Director of the Circular Economy for Food HUB, University of Gastronomic Sciences, said: “Today I recognize on behalf of the academic community, the structure of the Helicoidal Economy: a small sector of the circular economy that we study with commitment. From this point of view I make an appeal to science, which must be able to interact with popular dynamics, to return to that quality, to that sustainability, to the artisan habits of the past, so as to unite scientific culture with gastronomic culture”.