The rules and regulations that give breeding snails the exclusive title of Chiocciola Metodo are simple but hard to respect.

The laws of nature strictly inspired the method and, for this reason, no alternatives are allowed to an outdoor model without human assistance that creates shelter from the weather conditions. Sun, rain, snow and wind make the selection of the animals that will arrive in the kitchens of the most prestigious chefs and precious homemakers who are responsible for preserving the recipes of the regional culinary tradition.

Our intent is therefore to bet without hesitation on quality, making a respectful but conscious choice, which does not take notice of the value of quantity to the detriment of value. Chiocciola Metodo Cherasco therefore does not aim to identify the city with a kind of snail, simply because there is no autochthonous species, but certainly wants to honour the tradition that this community has protected and enhanced and promote the values of its heritage.

Affirmation and conscious promotion is where our effort aims, a quality heliciculture that respects nature, accepting the limits that it imposes, directed exclusively to the achievement of a high-quality standard.

Further information and quotes to the email: assistenza@istitutodielicicoltura.com