The rules and regulations that give breeding snails the exclusive title of Chiocciola Metodo Cherasco are simple but hard to respect. The laws of nature strictly inspired the method and, for this reason, no alternatives are allowed to an outdoor model without human assistance that creates shelter from the weather conditions. Sun, rain, snow and wind make the selection of the animals that will arrive in the kitchens of the most prestigious chefs and precious homemakers who are responsible for preserving the recipes of the regional culinary tradition. Therefore, our intent is to bet without hesitation on quality.

Accademia Chiocciola Metodo Cherasco is a long-held project that has finally come out to realise an innovative idea. For some years now, we have been dreaming of a suitable space, where to create research and development projects related to heliciculture, high-quality training, and educational courses for children and cooking workshops for adults.
The idea starts from the awareness that the world of heliciculture is in great need of renewal: it was necessary to review some technical steps to make the effort in the fields compatible with the current needs, to improve some techniques, to develop new business opportunities and to take advantage of communication tools to properly describe the quality of our products.

MullerOne, the innovative Helix slime extraction process, was born from the Institute’s experience.
The entire MullerOne project with the use of ozone is very innovative because it proposes and realizes a slime extraction in total wellbeing of gastropods, obtaining a high chemical and organoleptic quality product, far from invasive and stressful stimulators used until now.
The machinery regulates the production of extracted and saleable snail slime, with the real characteristics required by the market. The quantity of 3 – 3.5 kg for every 1500-2000 subjects (corresponding to about 20 kg of live) is the correct and adequate quantity for an excellent slime, obtained with the new machine.

Lumacheria Italiana is the company with the greatest tradition in the gastronomy snail trade, with a history behind it that definitely describes its ability to offer selected and high-quality products to the consumers.
The ten-year long partnership with the International Institute of Heliciculture, has led the company to constantly search for the best products, but also to develop the idea that quality, fragrance and taste are the result of a precise breeding method: natural, feeding the snails exclusively with vegetables and without the use of “shortcuts”, typical of the intensive “fattening” models, which involve the administration of feed and synthetic products to speed up the growth and maturity of the livestock.

LUMADEA thinks about your beauty from head to toe. Discover all the products in the bodyline according to your needs. LUMADEA skincare products are the perfect solution against tissue relaxation thanks to the presence of snail slime.
Health Products: A pure snail slime combined with a natural essence rich in active ingredients to strengthen the structure of your skin.
Many top quality products thanks to the excellence of their raw material: a snail from a natural cycle breeding and a slime extraction with the proper characteristics.