MullerOne, the innovative Helix slime extraction process, was born from the Institute's experience.

The entire MullerOne project with the use of ozone is very innovative because it proposes and realizes a slime extraction in total wellbeing of gastropods, obtaining a high chemical and organoleptic quality product, far from invasive and stressful stimulators used until now.

The machinery regulates the production of extracted and saleable snail slime, with the real characteristics required by the market. The quantity of 3 – 3.5 kg for every 1500-2000 subjects (corresponding to about 20 kg of live) is the correct and adequate quantity for an excellent slime, obtained with the new machine.

Muller One was born as a new extraction process. It is a machine that uses ozone to break down bacterial loads and, through a stimulating solution, ensures that the snails can emit slime for relaxation.
Muller One extracts uncontaminated slime and bacterial loads are zero.


Double profitability is the fundamental element of MullerOne as it offers the farmer who decides to try his hand in the collection of drool a double opportunity for income: from the sale of the SNAIL and from the sale of the SLIME.
By making a simple projection, it is possible to concretely evaluate the potential of the business: the specification establishes a process in 3 cycles, each of which includes an extraction in the morning and one in the afternoon and, between one cycle and another, a 10-day phase of “recovery” inside the stalls.