The soil analyses are the first important step to be taken to start estimating the practicability of the heliciculture project in the name of Chiocciola Metodo Cherasco.

The Institute assists its potential heliciculturists from the earliest stages and immediately works alongside its users in the interest of avoiding a false move or risky investments. For this reason, especially in the case of rent or purchase of a plot of land, we invite you to carry out the analyses in order to proceed with integrity in the creation of your own business path.

Analyses are used to establish the pH and the texture of the soil or the chemical and organic characteristics of the soil, that will determine which seed and plants will be the most suitable for each specific case, and will give us the necessary instructions to “correct” any defects.

The Analyses also check the amount of calcium carbonate present in the soil, a very important element that helps the hardening of the shell of our snails and if it is absent or in low percentage, it will be possible to use specific practices that encourage the closure of the shell.

The service costs €. 35 + VAT per sample.
It is only necessary to send or deliver directly a sample of about 200 gr. taken at a depth of 20 cm (under the turf) at the headquarters of our Institute.
The sample must be packed and labelled with all the necessary identification data: - Name and Surname
- Address of residence
- TAX code or VAT number
- Telephone number - email address.
The analysis and the related report will be delivered by email within 5/7 working days. The results can then be discussed by phone with our technicians who will give you the first specific information about your project.