This association, founded forty years ago, brings all the breeders who use the complete natural cycle breeding system together, and is the only one recognized by the Italian Breeders Association. Its role of which is of extreme importance  - with it being the only authorative figure able to interact with the government and government agencies.

Annual fee: 120,00 euro

Member benefits of the National Snail Breeding Association:

- The right to vote at the assembly.

- Access to various services, in particular production collection (a service reserved for members  who have paid the annual fee).

- Subscription to the newspaper “Voce della Chiocciola” ("The Snail's Voice").

- Multichannel technical support (telephone, computer, social).

- Use of the trademark "Cherasco Snail Method" (a service reserved for members who have paid the annual fee and obtained the certification of origin for breeders who use predominantly vegetable feed and Helitex netting).

- Privileged information regarding breeding systems for all species of commercial Helix.

- The possibility of a private label for food products.

- Sales opportunity of the cosmetics line containing snail slime, Sagapò.

- Purchase of the MullerOne machine at a discounted price.

- Slime extraction.


ANE headquarters is located in Via della Pace 16, Cherasco (CN).