Cherasco Snail Method

The guidelines which confers the prestigious title of Cherasco Snail Method to snails for breeding is simple but demanding. The method is inspired in an orthodox way by the laws of nature and, therefore, no alternatives are given to an outdoor model, without human intervention that creates shelter from the weather conditions: sun, rain, snow and wind make the selection of animals that will arrive on the kitchens of the most prestigious chefs and the precious housewives who are entrusted with the task of preserving the recipes of the regional culinary tradition. Our intent is therefore to bet without hesitation on quality, making an orthodox choice, but aware, that does not take into account the value of the quantity at the expense of the merit. Cherasco Snail Method does not therefore set the goal of identifying the city with a species of snail, simply because there is no native species, but certainly wants to pay homage to the tradition that this community has protected and valued, wants to enhance the values ​​of its tradition. Our effort is directed towards the affirmation and diffusion, conscious, of a quality heliciculture that respects nature by accepting the limits that this imposes, oriented exclusively to the achievement of a high quality standard.

Our choice falls on an exclusively vegetable diet, defined through a careful selection of those raw materials capable of guaranteeing development, taste and fragrance. Our commitment is to invest diligently in research, involving the most accredited private and institutional subjects, able to contribute to product development and health protection. The guidelines carves the philosophy of eating well, with foods that come from farms that have embraced the idea that respect for nature offers the best opportunity to enjoy genuine and authentic flavors. In our vision, the table, a moment of sharing and union, must be celebrated by living the experience and the joy of savoring good food, of smiling in being surprised by unique and engaging tastes. Cherasco Snail Method is rich in content, history and passion, ingredients at the service of consumers to whom we want to offer the best.

Snails for gastronomic use or whose processing products are intended for human consumption or, specifically, snail slime, used for cosmetic and medical purposes, must be bred in compliance with the rules set out in this guidelines.

The 5 Fundamentals


Snail farms must be outdoor and on unbuilt land. Neither covering nor any kind of protection from weather can be used. The aim is to maintain a natural environment without artificial help that could lead to a change in the unique relation between snails and the environment. Farms must be structured in enclosures delimited by Helitex net, which is resistant to sunlight UV and to snail slime. The net has two folds to protect snails from bird predators.

Each enclosure must be divided into a reproduction area (40%) and a fattening area (60%), and they have to be cultivated to guarantee feeding, shade and protection from sudden changes in temperature.


Snail feeding aims to reach quality rather than maximum growth or quantity, while respecting the snail's nutritional needs during all stages. Feeding consists of vegetation produced inside the enclosures as follows:


- broadcast seeding of cabbage, chard and bitter lettuces

- broadcast seeding of bitter lettuces

- broadcast seeding of white clover


- broadcast seeding of cabbage, chard and bitter lettuces

Since snails don’t eat foliage on which they find snail slime, an area for supplementary feeding is required. The area must cover 30% of the total area and must be cultivated with sunflowers and cabbage.

Feeding snails with any other kind of fodder is not allowed.

The use of any synthetic substance to stimulate growth and reproduction of snails is not allowed.

Placing wooden pallets inside of enclosures and snail farms is not allowed.


The basis of the "full natural cycle" method is the use of breeders to enable sustainable reproduction of the snail population, which means the ability of the farm to guarantee a sufficient number of subjects with the right characteristics for reproduction. Breeders must be Helix Aspersa certified snails (Muller - Aspersa Aspersa - Maxima) with a certification granted by the National Association of Heliciculture and the International Snail Breeding Institute.


All enclosures must be delimited by Helitex net - a patented product developed to improve farm management and to safeguard the health of the snails. The net is made of non-toxic polyethylene specifically treated to resist snail slime. Its tight knit structure with double flounces prevents escape and provides shade. The enclosures enable control of the snails' diet, as they are confined in that space and can only eat the vegetation inside it.


The snails' natural environment plays a central role in the Chiocciola Metodo Cherasco method. We want to create the most natural and least invasive environment for snails, while delivering high quality and standardised farming through an exclusively vegetarian and controlled feeding process.