Simone Sampò

Forty-year-old, married with Chiara and proud father of Sofia and Nina.
His incredible passion for the heliciculture world in almost twenty years of work led him to deepen all the technical aspects and to know the most important international realities, becoming in fact one of the most authoritative experts in the sector.
Researcher of snail species in nature and careful researcher of new breeding techniques.

In 2016 he took over the International Institute of Heliciculture, which he reorganized by structuring the technical assistance part to make it more efficient in the service of the heliciculturers.
He make a collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo (Cn) and elaborates the Cherasco Snail Method guidelines, an instrument for gastronomic excellence and the defense of quality.
In the same year he was President of the National Association of Heliciculturers (Ane) and, in this perspective, relaunches the sector through the improvement of techniques and management of vegetation, a communication articulated on all channels, with particular attention to social platforms.
He intensifies the information days to spread the problems of the weather, not least, it realizes the great project of the Cherasco Snail Method Academy, the new area where all the aspects of the heliciculture 2.0 are analyzed.

Theorizer of the entrepreneurial perspective of the heliciculture over the peaks of consensus through the success of the MullerOne machinery for the free cruelty extraction of pure snail slime that, with great satisfaction, gives it international importance thanks to the interest of the most important world publishers as BBC, CNN, and Telegraph.

In 2017 he writes the new manual on heliciculture "Heliciculture 2.0" where will find a perspective and a completely renewed version of this sector. A dynamic and proactive heliciculture, ready to embrace solid projects.