Food Properties


Thanks to the selection carried out by the breeders and their industry organization (A.N.E.), the Italian Snail is now a dietary product. The Italian Snail is a protein-rich (13.4%) mollusc with minimum fat content (1.2%) hence the reason why the snail can be compared to lean fish. In addition, its meat contains a large variety of mineral salts. The amino acids that make up the proteins of its flesh are greatly represented and all the essentials are apparent. In regards to calories, one portion of snails (a dozen) without seasoning provides just over 80. It is therefore a very low caloric food. From a dietary point of view we can therefore see how the snail, for all these properties listed, is a food that can be made part of a diet for the treatment of certain diseases: in cases of hyper-triglyceridemia and hypercholesterolemia and so on.