Information Day

The International Heliciculture Institute of Cherasco organizes 2/3 times a month, preferably on Saturdays (or possibly on Sundays), a complete day of training and information on snail farming. The activity, for more than forty years, takes place directly in our headquarters in Cherasco (Cuneo), Via della Pace 16, is totally free and telephone booking is essential.
Hours 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. /break for lunch time
Availabiliy for maximum 70 people.



from 08:00 until 08:15

Registration of participants

from 08:15 until 08:30

  • Introduction
  • ANE   
  • International Institute of Heliciculture 
  • Services 
  • Cherasco snail method
  • Intensive systems
  • Collaboration with the Gastronomic Sciences University

from 09:30 until 10:45    

Technical part (feeding, natural migration, harvesting and purging, legal, fiscal and health aspects, videos)

from 10:45 until 12:30

Visit to a snail farm and technical explanation of the construction of a farm

from 12:45 until 13:45

Lunch break

from 14:00 until 16:00

  • Visit to the Cherasco Snail Method Academy
  • The New Horizons of Heliciculture

from 16:00 until 16:30 

  • Snail Slime        
  • Didactics - F-Helicicultura

from 16:30 until 17:15

Slime extraction with the MullerOne machine


It is a real full immersion in the heliciculture, an indispensable moment to identify the main problems, in order to make the final decisions to become a snail breeder.

It is possible to bring a land samples (a sample of about 200 gr every 5,000 square meters taken superficially - depth not exceeding 15 cm) during the informative day.

To book call the phone number (0)172 489382

Office hours: from 8.00 until 12.00 – from 13.00 until 18.00, from Monday to Friday

Before taking part in the information day, it is important to read the information material on the helix in reserved area of the site.