From RAI PLAY - "Prima dell'alba" of 25 March 2019

Magical meetings take place before dawn. See again the episode of Salvo Sottile dedicated to Cherasco Snail Method Heliciculture. From minute 8 to minute 15.

Salvo Sottile: I continue my journey and I go to find out who, tonight has replaced the frenetic rhythms of the new economy to a business only with the phlegmatic appearance. The man I'm going to introduce to you brredes snails at night. He claims that their nectar, the famous snail slime, is the gold of the future. When it says "work slowly"


TERRITORI RAI Parlamento on Rai 3 has dedicated an entire service to our Institute by defining well the entrepreneurial potential of the Heliciculture 2.0 according to the Cherasco Snail Method.
Sincere thanks to Federica De Vizia with whom it was an honor and a pleasure to work.