From Modern Farmer of 15 September 2019

The American magazine Modern Farmer involves us directly with an interesting article about heliculture with an in-depth examination of two peculiarities that characterize it: snail eggs and snail slime. The title is evocative: "Italian Snail Farmer Slide into Caviar Scene". The first consideration we have to make concerns the title which, in a deliberate manner, insists that snail eggs are somehow a similar product to the renowned caviar. It's not difficult to understand why: you try a pulling effect to place them in an elitist and refined dimension, giving them that allure that can enhance and justify a price certainly "important". From a purely commercial point of view, our experience tells something different from the suggestion that emerges from the article, namely that the "snail caviar" market is limited exclusively to gourmet restaurants and that snail eggs have an exclusively decorative purpose for dishes, without adding anything in terms of taste and taste experience. Both in France and Italy the sale of eggs has a flat consumption and an elitist market and the real price of eggs (which we call Perlage) is not 1900€ but 600€/Kg. Because of these data, we believe that the snail breeder should not be blinded by this perspective, which has already reached its peak without breaking through, but rather to evaluate an investment in snail slime, which represents an extraordinarily ductile raw material for its many uses and with potential yet to be discovered. We keep the best energies for the sectors that can grow the sector and give real satisfaction. Snail slime with its applications in the world of beauty and health and, soon, in even more interesting sectors for large-scale use, is the real resource to bet on.