The Pillars of Heliciculture 2.0

The Italian snail breeding industry has a new face. It is renewing its image by giving a brilliant and passionate forty-year-old the task of leading the world of snail breeders in an era rich with trade challenges and business opportunities.

The National Snail Breeding Association Assembly voted unanimously Simone Sampò as the new President of the association, who, since 1978, has overseen coordination of activities within the sector, policies, and the promotion and marketing of products related to the snail world.connected to the world of snails.

After the presidency of Mr. Giovanni Avagnina, the baton is handed to another "son" of the city of Cherasco who communicated his concept of development during the 45th international Heliciculture meeting and who is paving the way to change.

Thanks to extensive commercial experience in Italy and abroad the new President has been able to develop a precise idea of ​​the sector's potential and also the road maps in order to achieve these ambitious goals. He transmitted all of this visionary force for the project on the stage of the Cherasco festival as he announced "The New Horizons of Snail Breeding."

The title "The New Horizons of Snail Breeding" is an invitation to the whole snail world to look ahead, to become more aware of the opportunities, and to get out of the agricultural-only viewpoint and establish itself as business players.

The snail chain must build value through the innovative farming method "natural migration," by marketing new food products, promotion of the prodigious MullerOne snail slime extraction machine, and through relationships with the cosmetics and pharmaceutical world.

The association will become an "open" forum for discussion. The information available on social platforms will be accessible immediately and useful in spreading awareness and stimulating dialogue amongst breeders.

The website will be renovated to guarantee updated and precise information for all visitors, as well as becoming an attraction space for all those wishing to enter the world of snail breeding. It will also offer advice regarding enhancement of the products.

The magazine ‘Helicicuture’ will change its name to ‘The Voice of the Snail’ and will be available on the institute's website to those who register to the Reserved Area.

Lastly, the orientation of the new presidency is to promote information in global terms, in order to reach the highest possible number of people in an organized and structured manner. The president is motivated by the belief that the network represents potential for an expanding sector such as that of snail breeding: a sector which is anchored to traditional means yet has not fully realized the development opportunities of an efficient economy of scale.