Products for Heliciculture


The only one in the world anti-escape net treated against snail slime
in breeding


The Helitex net features inward folds with two functions: it prevents snails from escaping and it facilitates picking from the outside, as snails tend to climb over the net.

Technical features:

• Final height 1.0 m

• 2 folds (one at 40 cm from the ground, the second at 75 cm).

• 100% non-toxic black snail slime resistant polyethylene which provides shade.

• Resistant to sunlight UV and to temperatures below -20 °C.

• Ladders on the flounces hinder snail's efforts to climb over the barrier.

• Mesh size 4 mm on top, 2.5 mm on the ground.

• Provides adequately ventilated shaded areas.

• Buttonholes for iron wires to hang the net.

HELITEX net comes with plastic hooks to hang the higher flounce forming a 45° angle to facilitate snail picking.


Net for galvanised steel plate to prevent escape

Rolls. Available sizes: starting from 1 m x 50 m.

One roll covers a 150 m long laminate: 3 stripes, 33 cm wide



For reproductive areas (R)

For fattening areas (I)

For external supplementary vegetation



Irrigation must be always performed top down:

only sprinklers and water-misting are therefore suitable, while drip, surface and flood irrigation are not. Water-misting is an efficient method as water is sprayed only on vegetations rather than on passages, preventing waste of water and growth of undesired vegetation. On the other hand, it is expensive due to the higher amount of working time compared to sprinkler systems.


Defence against insects

Chlorpyrifos-based disinfectants

These disinfectants are specific for snail farming (they are not harmful to Helix Mollusca) to eliminate predator insects (ground beetles, sylphides, rove beetles). These granular products have been developed and tested specifically for heliciculture and are regularly used in snail farms. They are used to prepare the soil to host new snails and as a preventive disinfection in and around enclosures in Spring.

Rat poison

Small baits with paraffin wax and water and are humidity resistant. They can be used outdoors against mice and bigger rats.



Winter coverings for Helix Aspersa are made from non-woven fabric in order to speed up the growth of plants seeded in late winter.

• Made of polyethylene. Thanks to this transparent fabric, soil temperature is five-six degrees higher than outside.

• It protects snails in winter and accelerates the growth of plants.

• The humidity is kept constant during winter periods of drought too.

• Bobbin 5.4 m x 250 m wide



Vegetable integrative feeding which, in some situations, can be a fundamental support in the management of critical issues arising from gaps in the cultivation of fences or the scarcity of additional vegetation.

Product specifications





New 90% transparent material for perimeter fence of farms.

It is buried about 30 cm and avoids the entrance of the predators as rodents or walking insects.



for cleansing and conservation




The origin of every HelixHelp formulation that exploits the intrinsic genetic evolution developed over millions of years.

The union and the strengthening of what is already present in nature are the success of this product that brings its benefits in every culture that has seen a drastic immunocompression of the microbial heritage present in the ground which with its use tends to restore naturally or makes an important contribution to the prevention and growth.



It is the product of the HeliXHelp range destined for the vegetation born, which has the dual objective of growing our crops with energy and vigor. This is possible thanks to the employment of the biological niche around the roots of the plants by useful fungi, an antagonistic action to the possible invasion of pathogenic fungi and at the same time through mycorrhizal fungi that multiply effectively the root system in order to make the most of the proposed and present nutrition in the soil.