Rai 3 SPAZIOLIBERO - 12 February 2019

Another beautiful testimony of our work broadcast today on RAI3 in the Spaziolibero rubric edited by Federica De Vizia. They talk about our incredible supply chain and its applications: from the snail therapy illustrated by Donato Mangino and realized thanks to our very pure snail slime, to the pillars of our disciplinary illustrated by the Honorary President of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo Silvio Barbero, and from the importance of our social commitment with the boys of the Istituto Monsignor Signori of Fossano (CN), to the F-Heliciculture project with children building a fence inside a box led by Gabriella Lovera and to the high gastronomy testified by the starred chef Francesco Oberto. Our President Simone Sampò acts as a common thread and direction. Even today #ilfuturoèchiocciola (snail is the future)