Saturday 28 September 2019 at Cherasco


from 9.00 am to 12.30 am and from 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm 
The Snail Palace "PALACHIOCCIOLA" (P.zza degli Alpini) 

Tel. 0172 489382 - Cell. 371 390 0615 - 391 771 8102
The information day offers to its participants a complete overview of the Heliciculture 2.0. world. All the necessary theoretical and technical steps towards setting up a snail farm 
that meets the Standards of the Cherasco Method Snail will be developed.  
Our vision of heliciculture gives the possibility to perform the breeding activity and the exploitation of the territory by means of a new key that, beyond primary production, promises and allows to develop a real value chain, from gastronomy to cosmetics. 
An important meeting that gives all the necessary informations to start-up a snail breeding farm that meets the Standard Cherasco Method Snail, besides being a moment of dialogue with professionals from the heliciculture industry.
Introduction to and History of the International Heliciculture Institute
What is the Heliciculture National Association and what are the benefits for its members
Study and analysis of the implementation of a snail farm that meets the Standard Cherasco Method Snail:
   ○ The Feeding
    The natural migration
    Harvesting and purging
    The business plan
    The Snail market
    The legal, fiscal and sanitary levels
    The financing
    The insurance deals  
The cruelty free snail slime extraction process through the MullerOne machine
Testimonies from our snail breeders
On Saturday and Sunday it will be possible to book a guided tour of the Snail Academy, premises of the didactic training activities on the fields utilized by our technicians 
and also a tour of the 
SNAIL GARDEN at Frazione Veglia, Cherasco.