Saturday 29th September 2018 at Cherasco

The panorama of the 47th Global Meeting of Snail Farming

We invite you


Saturday 29thSeptember 2018 from 9am till 4.30 pm at PALACHIOCCIOLA di Cherasco (CN) (Square degli Alpini)

Mandatory Reservation

Free Admission 

+30 6976165940 - Penny Vlachou - 

The informative day gives to the participants a full overview of the snail farming world 2.0. all the theoretical and technical steps that are necessary for the begging of the snail farming will be examined according to the Cherasco Chiocciola method that has been developed in accordance with the gastronomical university of Pollenzo. The vision for the snail farming is the possibility of interpretation of the snail farming activity and the exploitation of the soil through a new key that regardless the primary production promised and allowed the development of a real chain: from the gastronomical world to the beauty world.


MORNINGS From 9am till 12.30 pm

After the pre-reserved phone booking, when you will reach the head office of the PALACHIOCCIOLA (Square degli Alpini) you will officially register and will be delivered to you the material with the discussed topics. 

In the morning we will begin from the theory, starting from the historic part of the International Institute of Snail Farming in a national level for over 40 years and the national association of the snail farmers (ANE) and the facilities that are offered in their members. After this we will proceed at the practical piece of the snail farming 2.0. from the creation of the disciplinary that is in direct collaboration with the gastronomical university of Pollenzo, you will examine the characteristics of an outdoor snail farming system, it will show to you the methods and the technical characteristics of these necessary primary material for the construction, you will discover different snail species and what it means for a snail breeder to have the sign of Chiocciola Metodo Cherasco. One of the most representatives moments of the day will be the TESTIMONIALS  from our own snail farming partners that will share their experiences with the audience. The morning will be completed with the visit in the academy Chiocciola Metodo Cherasco ther you will be able to visit the green houses that are used for experiments and some fences that are dedicated to the children.

Independent Lunch Break 


From 2pm till 4.30 pm

The afternoon will be dedicated to the commercial contacts that this institute guarantees to their associates, cooperation with the insurance company Generaly Italia, the meeting of the processing line of the snail farming 2.0. that will begin from the gastronomy and goes through the cosmetics and the ways that this institute can approach the teaching through the project of F-helicicolture.

Also, relevant will be the afternoon session, the visit at the machine MullerOne that takes the snail slime in a way that is cruelty free. In the end of this informative day a service will exist with the shuttle bus that leaves every 40minutes from the square of the Elicicoltorti (square Gina Lagorio) in order to accompany in the snail farming of the area to whom have been registered.