Technical Training on Site ON THE JOB

The International Institute of Heliciculture, in order to offer a more and more accurate service to people who decide to start the wonderful adventure of the snail farming according to the natural full-cycle method, it decided to set up training events aimed at the practical teaching of the building of the snail farm, as well as the deepening of the regulatory aspects that can be useful in the relationship with the institutions (ASL - veterinary service).
The training experience, lasting two days, will focus on the following topics:

1) Definition and placement of the perimeter fence

- Description of the measures to prevent and hinder the entry of predators

2) Soil disinfestation

- Description of the characteristics of the geotox and of the rules that regulate its purchase and use

3) Placement of the support poles for the breeding fences

4) Placement of the Helitex net

5) Sowing techniques

6) Construction of the  baulatura

- Manual and mechanized technique

7) Irrigation systems

- Theoretical analysis of sprinkler and spray systems

8) Natural migration

9) Collection

10) Purging and drying

11) Selection of snails

12) Packaging

13) Theoretical training

- Regulatory issues


The training course, managed by the technicians and the project manager of the International Institute of Heliciculture, cost is € 400.00 (+VAT) per group (max 3 people, who are family members or business associates who want to build a snail farm togheter). The cost does not include the translation service, to be defined directly with the participants through a personalized estimate.
The courses will be organized in Cherasco (CN) during the working week.
The International Institute of Heliciculture has stipulated an agreement with the structure Il Giardino di Ghilot Contact the hotel directly on +39 (0)172 488131.


To register for the training day, it is necessary to book the following references:

-       Tel. +39 (0)172 489382

-       Mail: